EDSI consults in the area of environmental air pollution monitoring and, as part of their consulting service, offer a calibration service for the appropriate monitoring equipment.

Product Training

EDSI invests in our customer’s knowledge base by arranging onsite lectures in the correct application of products and by disseminating factory data and statistical information to our clients.

Tube Banking & Optimisation

EDSI provides services such as tube failure analysis, and tube testing.
We work in conjunction with the technical managers of various organisations in the broadcast and defence industries to improve performance and maximise tube life in existing transmitters. EDSI will also "bank" certain tubes to provide the most efficient supply of critical components.


EDSI can arrange for custom made products to be manufactured, either as prototypes, pre-production samples or small run finished products.

Product Support

EDSI offers technical back-up and service for all products it markets.
We can analyse each application and offer a number of solutions and choices to the end–user without undue bias towards one manufacturer or another. EDSI offers product knowledge, expertise and technical know-how across many different market sectors and applications.